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For all Traveling Dogs with Families

Do you like to take your WHOLE family with you on vacations, to parks or even just for a drive around town?  Then you need a safe way to load your family's best friend, Fido! 

Otto Step is the best step around and one of the easiest products to use when loading your dog into your car.  Simply insert Otto Step directly into your trailer hitch receiver,  your furry friend can easily step up onto the step and into the back of your vehicle.  

Otto Step is made of glass filled nylon so is light and easy to handle.

We started Otto Step back in 2006, shortly after we adopted our St. Bernard/Newfy mix Otto. It all happened one day when I was loading Otto into our SUV, my dad was watching me pickup up Otto’s back legs to help him into our car. Otto was not a jumper, he was huge...walked slow, was never in a hurry and when we went for rides he would put his front paws up on the cargo deck and wait for me to lift his back end. 

Dad suggested we build something that would slide into the hitch receiver to help Otto step into the, Tim, my husband went home and built something out of an old fallen oak tree, the only problem was the wood would swell with weather and the screws used to hold the “stinger” into place would loosen. After we used this for a year and had many comments such as “you guys should sell these”, “what a great idea” on and on, we found an engineer in our area and we all went to work on the design, what we would make the step out of and the strength...mostly at our engineer’s suggestions.

What would we call this? Otto Step of course...named after Otto himself. We used to take him to shows and he would demonstrate the use of our product as we would do the explaining. He was the only reason we came up with the idea and played it through. 

We have been selling these for 13 yrs now, mainly on the internet through our website and through other resellers on Ebay and Amazon where you will see all kinds of great testimonials and pictures of dogs using Otto Step. 

Please help us get the word out to all dog owners to give us a look or maybe you know someone who may need a little help when traveling with Fido. What we have found in the years and leading up to the manufacturing of Otto Step is we are preventing injuries that are caused from jumping down from high places. There is actually a syndrome in dogs called “Jumping down syndrome.” 

Otto Step is not just for the large dog population....any dog that you have to bend over and pick up to get into your car could use Otto Step. This product only weighs 5lbs and will not only protect Fido’s joints, but it just may protect you from straining your back from picking up a 10lb dog or more.

One more thing, we are a product made in the USA, actually made in Oregon! So there you go, tell your friends, tell your pet stores and tell your veterinarians. Help us expand Otto Step into stores near you. 

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